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re: Wonderboy Forming Regular Raid (Trial) Group


Alright guys so here's the deal...


In a past chapter of my gaming life, I was renowned as a great guild and raid leader. Sure, I'm still renowned as a great guild leader.... but through a strange quirk of fate, I lead a humble (who am I kidding, we kick ass and we know it!) trade guild.

Ok, so enough of the pompous and needless intro now to the meat of the post:


I'm looking to assemble a group of 16-17 folks (12 plus alternates because, you know, life happens.) who will run end-game Trial content together every Saturday night from 8PM US Eastern until at least 11pm (can be less if we finish our objective with do not have enough time to do another).


In order for this to work out, due to my raid leadership style, the following must be understood and adhered to by those in the group:


- Wonderboy is the leader. Strategy decisions and unsanctioned orders from backseat drivers will not be tolerated.

- Everyone is expected to be amply prepared with fully repaired gear, food, a full stack of relevant potions.

- Use of Discord will be mandatory during trial runs. Full capabilities (Talking and listening) preferred but only listening is required.

- If you have a problem with someone in the group, I don't want to know about it. This means it better not be publicly obvious. Talk it out in private with them if possible. If there's no fixing the issue, then you may tell me and I'll craft a solution but be warned, my solution may not favor you.

-Folks may share their loot if and as they see fit. There will be no begging for gear or coercing people into giving you their drops. If I see or see solid evidence of this happening you will be removed from the standing raid group.

-I abhor trying to follow an existing strategy just because it exists and it worked for someone else. I go into dungeons and trials blind and LIKE to figure out a strategy. Learning and developing a strategy as a group will make everyone far better than simply learning to copy what someone else did. On that point, while I do have the say in what strategies we attempt at any given time, I do very much welcome strategy ideas and discussions from all (so long as they're not prefaced by "so and so does this" or "in this video I saw...", etc.)

- While the group is going to be very goal-oriented it is also meant to be fun. Silly and light-hearted conversations during easy stuff and during out of combat times are welcomed and expected. When in a difficult encounter however, I expect everyone to be focused and communicating information vital to the current encounter only.



On the individual level here's what I'm looking for in members of this group:


-CP450 Min

- Available more often than not for the 3 hour window on Saturdays from 8PM US Eastern until 11PM.

- A good attitude. Accepting of repeated failure in the pursuit of success.

- A sense of adventure. I'd like members to share my love for discovering and developing strategies rather than simply taking and executing an existing one. It's about the journey as much, if not more than, the loot.

- A strong working knowledge of any character you would bring into a trial.

- Must be good at your role. I will accept completion of Veteran Maelstrom Arena for competency, otherwise I will want to run a few dungeons with you to figure out whether or not you're going to be a fit for the group.

- Must be self-motivated to improve your own skill as well as your character's abilities. Most of the "work" will come on the other 6 days of the week that we're not running together.

- Easy to get along with. Failing that, disciplined enough to contain your discontentment with others.


A couple more things...


Inclusion in this group will have no bearing, whatsoever, on your standing in TD and vice versa. It will be possible to be a member of this group and not a member of TD and it will be extremely common (as I'm not looking for a large number of people) to be a member of TD and not this group.

If things prove to be working out after a couple of months, "this group", will evolve into a proper guild and may or may not then choose to expand a little.

Once I've gotten the group to a sufficient size (hopefully within a week or two), we will begin our trial adventures in the newest trial, The Halls of Fabrication in Vvardenfell.


Final Words


I realize that a lot of what's here is very limiting and comes off a bit rough/harsh, but honestly, it's not THAT difficult to follow and I'm very easy to get along with. That being said, this is how this all needs to be for me to be able to do it and for it to, ultimately work out.  The end goal is to have a group that is able to take down Veteran level trials consistently and be among the first to rip new content apart when it comes at us.


If you've read everything above, can get behind it, meet the requirements and are interested please let me know in a reply to this thread. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME IN-GAME MAIL ABOUT THIS (I get enough mail already, thanks :) ). 



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re: Trials


Very interested...Have run with you on many occasions and would like to run trials as well!!


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re: Re: Wonderboy Forming Regular Raid (Trial) Group

~Wonderboy~ wrote:


Hey there. I got your mail in game. I'm a newer member in the guild but not new to the game. My specialty is healing, as in that's all I do. I've been healing since the game launched. I have a templar (my best healer), a warden (still experimenting, successfully) and a sorc (experimental healer, rarely used), all cp 430, all in legendary gear, though I'm currently fine-tuning my sets. I realize I'm a hair under your minimum cp level, but I'll be there in a week or two, and I feel that my skill more than compensates for it. I heal vet pledges daily and have completed every vet dungeon multiple times, save for vCoS (could never find a pug with the coordination to take down the last boss, though I've been close). I've also successfully healed plenty of normal trials. I'm at the point where I feel that I'm ready to advance to the next step. I'm looking for a group to run with regularly. I'd be happy to run a few vet dungeons with you so you can see for yourself how I do. My schedule is typically pretty free. I prefer to be contacted in-game (mail is fine) though I will check back here later.


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re: Wonderboy Forming Regular Raid (Trial) Group


Nixing this for now due to a combination of personal developments and lack of interest. May reboot at a later time.

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