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re: TD Housing Decoration Contest


Here are all the details on the Tenacious Deals Housing Decoration Contest:

Entry Details:

-Cost: 50,001 gold (deposited to guild bank). Using this EXACT amount to enter is very important. It will NOT count in the weekly raffle but it will count for a SPECIAL RAFFLE being done for entrants into this contest.

-Entry open 4/2 - 4/9 at 6PM EDT

Prize details:

-Main contest: 3.8M gold (enough to buy the most expensive property available for gold). Main contest to be resolved on or as close to 4/16 as possible. Prize guaranteed regardless of participation numbers.

-Special raffle: At least 3 of the Blueprints for Thrones (possibly all 5 of them if participation is high!). This raffle will draw at 6PM EDT on 4/9 (the close of the entry period).

Other Important Contest Details:

- 4 judges will being entering and scoring contestant's homes on 4/13. Please make sure that the guild has visitor permissions. To do this, go into your housing editor while inside your house, go to the settings tab and add Tenacious Deals to your visitor list. Having your house accessible by judges is very important!

- Each of the 4 judges will score each house independently and then scores will be added together for a total score. Judges will be using the scoring outline detailed below.

-Full list of scores will be posted to guild site after the contest has concluded.

Scoring Guidelines:

First impression (5 points): The initial view upon entry should grab your attention, appear unique or give a hint of the overall decoration style of the home.

Neatness/Care (25 points): All objects should be grounded/obeying physics unless there is a clear reason for them not to be (obvious intent). Objects floating for no apparent reason will warrant a lower score in this section.

Creativity (25 points): A house doesn't have to be off-the-wall to score well in this category but it should be unique and well thought out. Any house presenting decoration that is largely the default item placement when buying a furnished home for crowns should receive 0 points in this category.

Home feels alive (25 points): This doesn't mean that your house is apparently possessed... what it does mean is that your house tells a story and that it seems like there's things going on. This is a category that the well thought-out placement of small items (food, dice, cups, morsels of bread, etc) can really help a person in. The more alive the house feels, the higher the score.

Judge's overall impression/feeling (20 points): These last 20 points are for each judge to use as they see fit. If there's something that doesn't fall into another category that a judge really loves they may be more generous in this category to compensate you!

In the event of a tie (however unlikely...):

Judges will re-enter the the tied homes and hold a discussion regarding the merits of each home and will make a decision together on which should be the winner.

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