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re: Tips for Consistent Sales


The following are tips, based on my experience, that will help you generate a consistent level of sales and cash flow:


1. Price things to move.  Look at the market value and stay within about 5% of that mark and generally your item will sell in under a day, perhaps 2 days.

2. Use as many of your sales slots as possible. You've got 30 slots to sell things with per guild. Making use of more or all of your slots increases the likelihood that you'll sell something.

3. Diversify.  If you want to have a consistent cash flow and stream of sales it's important to sell a variety of items rather than just selling the same items or type of items. If you post only 1 or 2 types of things, you're likely to find your sales to be very spotty. It can be "Feast or Famine" when you do not diversify.

4. Sell something you can replace/reproduce with relative ease.  Consumables (food, potions, crafted items for research) are excellent for getting a consistent stream of gold. Each sale of these items is generally low profit, however, the market on them is super stable and reliable due to the continuous need for them. Try to replace these items as soon after you sell them as possible for best results. I recommend dedicating roughly half your slots to these types of items if you're serious about getting consistent numbers and generating appreciable total profit from it.

5. Avoid wasting a lot of slots on items valued at under 200g. Most items in this low price range are hard to move with any amount of speed because the market is flooded with them. Many times it's better to simply take the vendor value than to waste a selling slot. Sometimes you need to consider what you could be selling in that slot instead rather than focusing on the 50-100 gold difference you MIGHT have gotten if you'd posted that random item and managed to sell it on the store.  Time is money... your posting slots are essentially time in this equation.

6. Bolster your weekly sales with raw materials.  Raw materials (ore, cloth/hides, wood) sell very quickly and reliably when priced within about 10% of market value. Even just 1 or 2 stacks of raw materials per week will increase your sales and cash flow appreciably without having to really go out of your way.  If you're in a real pinch for gold and want some bad.. throw on some music and farm out raw materials for a couple hours and post them at a fair price and you'll have a few 10's of thousands of gold in no time.

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