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re: Basic TD Guild Info


We are Tenacious Deals the greatest guild in Tamriel.


*Inactivity Policy*


If you have not logged into the game in 10 days you will be removed from the guild. It's nothing personal, just keeping our membership active. If you return to the game later feel free to track a member down for an invite as we'd love to have you back.


If you know ahead of time that you'll be inactive for more than 2 weeks and know also when you'll be returning, let us know and an exception can be made to keep you around longer!


*Productivity Policy* 

Guild members are required to achieve a minimum of 2000 gold in sale per week and to deposit at least 2000 gold into the bank once a week (this deposit also gets you a chance to win a prize or more gold, see further down).

Failure to reach these productivity goals will result in removal from the guild.

These goals are in place because the guild requires gold to maintain a trader that gives the general public access to our store and the goods that we all sell. When we cannot afford a trader our sales will drop way low. Being a productive and active member of the guild is crucial.




We hold a weekly lottery on Sunday evenings at 6PM US Eastern Time (Daylight Savings Time observed when appropriate).  

Each 2k gold a person deposits between 6PM the previous Sunday and 5:59 PM on the Current week's Sunday gets them one entry into our weekly drawing.

Prizes for the weekly lottery will vary from week to week. Pay attention to guild message of the day and guild mails to see what's up for grabs on any given week!


We also do occasional "Flash Raffles" (usually referred to as "Flaffles") our Flaffles are short notice and run over a short time (4-12 hours, depending). Our Flaffles are  50/50s, meaning the winner gets half of the gold taken in entries and the guild keeps the other half to support maintaining a guild trader.  Entry for Flaffles is EXACTLY 3k gold or an EXACT multiple (6k, 9k,... 21k, 24k, etc) during the Flaffle period. Deposits that are not exact multiples of 3K do not get picked up by the add-on that performs the raffle drawing. Keep an eye on guild chat and your mailbox for information on when a Flaffle is running




We hold auction in guild chat twice a week at the following times:


Wednesdays at 9PM Eastern US time. **Hosted by @GarnetFire17*

Sundays at 2PM Eastern US time. **Hosted by @TheWonderboy**


Auctions support the guild in maintaining a trader. It is not unusual to see items go for above market value in the auction. Also, every 2k spent in the auction counts as a ticket for the Sunday lottery/raffle.

Winning bids for auctions are to be deposited in the guild bank, with items won being mailed out generally within 10-15 mins after.



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